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Existing Process without using any Tool

Posted On : 20 DEC 2016 at 11:05 AM

1. Superior create the excel format timesheet for each employee in the organization.
2. Superior forwards the mail to each individual employee checking the project.
3. The employee downloads the timesheet and fills the timesheet. Employee emails the filled timesheet to the superior.
4. Superior receives bulk emails from different employees and should check the each and every timesheet individually to approve.
5. The timesheet rejected mail then again forward to the employee or superior to modify it.
6. Now human resource management manages the payroll from the approved timesheet by the automated formula in excel for each employee.

Problems of the existing system:

To identify the problems of the current system we use PIECES framework which is a checklist for identifying the problems of the existing system. As the current business process is not automated the company needs to cope up with the following set of problems.


Inconsistency in data entry, manual errors.


Reduction in sharing information and customer services.
Due to lack of store resources in a single source, large duplicates occur.
Due to a large number of manual files, data organization is difficult and is not easy to meet new information needs from stored data.


Excel handling of data is expensive as compared to an automated system. The cost in terms of time is high.

Control (and security): too little security.

Difficulty in keeping track of each employee timesheet through excels.
Decision-making slow due to lack of credibility of reports.


Generating payroll will be delay due to manual filling.


Approving each timesheet through the mail and forward to the employee.

Automated Timesheet Management

Eliminate as many manual processes as possible. It will save countless hours of timesheet-related administrative work for the employee, and will help reduce the potential for human error in each submission – saving the approver’s time, as well. Automating the process also makes the timesheet more accessible to employees, no matter where they are located.

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