Help us to feed kids of Dwarakamayee Seva Samithi
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Why I am raising funds for Dwarakamayee:

I have started a fundraiser to support one meal a day. Since all the kids need to have nutritions food and we are able to collect food from corporates whose lunch is a 3 course meal. We can give these kids good food. I urge you to donate to my fundraiser, your contribution will go a long way in helping these kids.

How you can help me:

Through our future initiatives, Glowtide wants to ensure that food cooked anywhere should not be wasted since lot of resources are involved from start from growing grains to cooked food. And Glowtide wants to make sure this good food to given to the needful.

If you are convinced that this is important, you have a role to play. You can begin by contributing to the cause.

Rs.2,000 to feed 1 kid per year.
Rs.4,000 to feed 2 kids per year.
Rs.8,000 to feed 4 kids per year.