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Who we are

Founded in 2016, we are a startup collabrating both social networking and crowfunding as single Social Crowdfunding Network.

What we are

Savelife is a social crowd funding network platform where users can create campaingns for themselves , NGO's , other individuals like homeless. The best part of savelife.com is itself is social networking site when a large number of user base will be there to promote the campaigns and get funded. Savelife.com gives the best features of sharing campaigns to different other social medias.


We have a great team of experts involved in handcrafting this awesome product.
Pratap Bhimireddy (CEO, Founder)


"OUR VISION IS BUILT ON THE "ULTIMATE REALITY". The human race on this Lonely Planet called Earth Realized this reality by reacting to many technological Breakthrough different Political systems and philosophies as well that the human beings witnessed for thousands of years. We felt in the primitive stages of civilization..."HOW LONG WE LIVE WAS IMPORTANT".

During the second phase of consciousness... "HOW WELL WE LIVE BECAME IMPORTANT".

But the ultimate reality is that "HOW WELL WE LEAVE THIS WORLD IS IMPORTANT" Which everybody has to accept whether they realize it or not right from American president to Zimbabwe Citizen.

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