One of the most important thing you need to know is that to receive your funds your campaign cannot be on going. Funds are only transferred to your bank account once the campaign ends.

My campaign has ended how do I receive the funds?

The payouts of the campaign is made 14 days after the campaign ends. Please note Savelife doesn't make payouts to on going campaigns. Once your campaign ends (days remaining are zero) the funds are transferred in 2 weeks time to the bank account shared with Savelife. Please note the 2 week cycle starts only from the date the campaign ends and ALL the necessary documents have been uploaded. For eg if your campaign ends on 1st Jan and you only upload all necessary compliance docs on 7th Jan the payout will happen on 21st Jan (2 weeks). We would highly recommend that you complete the compliance documentation when your campaign is running for fast and smooth payout. For more queries here please write to

How much funds will be credited to my account?

Savelife charges a flat fee of 5% for the individuals, for organizations please contact our sales team

Why are my dollars all getting converted at INR 65 exchange rate when the current rate is different?

For simplicity and representation purpose Savelife converts all dollars to rupees at 65 conversion rate to show on your campaign page but the actually conversion rate you receive will be the day which the funds are finally transferred to your bank account and the rate your bank will provide you.

Do I need to submit any information to receive the funds ?

YES its mandatory to submit and upload all documents and provide all the necessary bank information for Savelife to process and transfer the funds you have raised. ONLY once all documents are provided will the funds be transferred.

What is this Intermediary bank details and Swift code and how do I find them ?

Swift Code: It is mandatory for transferring amount in foreign currency. Every Bank has different swift code.

Intermediary Bank Details:

The intermediary bank is a third-party bank used by the your bank to facilitate international transfer and settlement of funds which is required for us to transfer USD(foreign funds) collected by your campaign.

Your bank forex department will provide you the above details.

How do I get the details of the individuals who have donated to my campaign ?

Please login to your account and go to your campaign page. You will be able to see on the top right an option to download a file, which would have all donor information.

For any more information please contact

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